annual cultural dancing festival

What is Maathra

'Maathra' – the most creative, spell-binding performing arts event produced and performed by Lyceum International Schools' is due to be held for the 10th consecutive year.

Over the last 23 years, Lyceum International Schools have continually expanded across the country, and are now established as the largest network of schools providing quality, affordable international/national school education, whilst instilling a love for Sri Lanka's rich, cultural heritage in the young minds of it's students.

In a society where academic excellence is highly valued and appreciated, Lyceum also gives recognition to students who display remarkable skills and abilities in athletics, sports and creative art forms such as music, stage drama and the performing arts as these skills are very rare. Through the introduction of various extra-curricular activities, students have always been encouraged to join one that they are passionate about in order to further develop and master these unique skills.

One of the most popular performing art forms that has been incorporated into Lyceum's formal education is classic Sri Lankan cultural dancing, which displays the true beauty and elegance of our Sri Lankan culture. This type of dancing has not only earned unprecedented recognition both nationally and internationally, but is one that is enjoyed by all generations, regardless of their ethnic or religious background and must be preserved for future generations to come.

This resulted in the concept of 'Maathra', which was envisioned by our Founder, Mr. Mohan Lal Grero and administered by Mrs. Kumari Grero in 2008, with the aim of preserving and showcasing the beauty of Sri Lanka's rich, cultural heritage by instilling a love for traditional dancing in the young minds of our students. Over the last decade, Mr. Grero's vision was realized as Lyceum students have brought to life the rituals and dances of our ancestors through highly refined, stunning performances, which are now in par with Sri Lanka's National Inter-School cultural dancing standards.

The successful evolution of Maathra was also purely due to the tireless efforts of Mr. Rasika Kothalawala and his experienced group of teachers and students, who intricately choreograph and create a unique display of mesmerizing traditional dances in all of their shows. With nearly 500 performers from Lyceum International Schools' in Nugegoda, Panadura, Wattala, Ratnapura, Gampaha and Nuwara-Eliya, the dances created by Mr. Kothalawala and his team incorporate a fusion of up-country, southern, sabaragamuwa and other dances related to Sri Lanka's multiethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual national culture.

Maathra's success would also not have been possible without the appreciation and recognition received from Heads of State, Ministers and Diplomats as well as support received from prestigious sponsors, generous parents and well wishers, who have always come forward to support this important national, cultural event in our school.

For this year's Maathra, we are excited to put together a series of spell-binding performances to celebrate the last 10 years of it's existence and hope it will be enjoyed by all!

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