annual cultural dancing festival

What is Maathra

'Maathra' – the cultural dancing festival of the group of Lyceum International schools in Sri Lanka, consists of eight schools spread throughout Sri Lanka.

This flagship event in performing arts continues for the ninth consecutive year. The annual event is an occasion that anybody, regardless of cultural, ethnic, religious and age differences, can enjoy. Classical cultural dancing is one of the fascinating performing art forms, which adds enormous beauty, elegance and value to Sri Lankan culture.

Sri Lankan cultural dancing has earned unparalleled fame and recognition in the global audience too. In a society where examination oriented academic performance excellence is well recognized, children who tend to study creative art forms like dancing, singing and stage drama are relatively rare.

We Lyceumers are well aware about the national need to nurture performing artistes and over the years we have been encouraging our children to master performing arts subjects, at least as an extra-curricular activity.

In this scenario, 'Maathra' has helped us to improve the cultural dancing skills and associated creative abilities of Lyceum students. 'Maathra' also created a passion for cultural dancing across the 17,000 strong student population of Lyceum International schools. It's interesting to note that in an event of this magnitude and stature, it is impossible to reach its refined state without the hard and dedicated team work of administrators, dancing teachers and support services staff members.

During the nine year existence of 'Maathra', the standards of Kandyan and other cultural dancing forms have been elevated to professional levels and 'Maathra' has acquired the status of an important national event. Finally, it's encouraging to note that esteemed companies both in reputed businesses and the Higher Education fields have come forward and helped us to sponsor this prestigious event. We the Lyceumers are looking forward to work with our esteemed sponsors to create a mutually beneficial programme through 'Maathra-9'.

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